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Q. How long does the shipping take?

A. It usualy takes no more than 14 days, but sometimes it may take up to 6 weeks. If you haven't recieved your order in 28 days please contact the support. It depends on your location and post service.


Q. Why is it so cheap in your store?

A. Because we buy every merchandise from the manufacturer. We store them in our warehouse and then ship it to your door step.


Q. My clothes don't fit, what to do?

A. If 7 days haven't passed since you recieved your order you can return it. Please don't demage the item and try to keep it in the original packaging. Send it to this adress: Vilius Petraitis, Ukmerges 10-13, Kaunas LT49407


Q. After returning the item when will i recieve my money?

A. You will recieve it right away after we check the item and comfirm the reimbursement.  The money will be sent right away to your order payment method.


Q. How can i earn money?

A. We offer affilate programs where you can earn up to 17% from the purchases. If you are interested please contact our support @ viliuspetrait@gmail.com





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